Eric Trump Gets Mocked for Terrible Op-Ed Calling Out Hunter Biden: ‘Irony is Dead’


Trump Organization executive Eric Trump was savagely mocked on Twitter after publishing an op-ed in The Hill on Thursday in which he quoted “the great Marcus Aurelius from The Gladiator,” leading people to believe that the first-son does not realize that Aurelius was a real Roman emperor and not just a movie character.

He penned the op-ed — titled, “Hypocrisy creates unlevel playing field in politics” — to accuse the media of unfairly covering Trump children, while also providing cover for the fail-children of Democratic politicians, such as Hunter Biden.

“I do not always agree with Bill Maher, but the late night host was honest enough to admit that if my brother or I had done what Hunter Biden did, ‘it would be all Rachel Maddow was talking about,'” wrote Trump. “I do not know what he learned while growing up as a Biden, but if what we know about his life indicates anything, it is that there are different rules if you are the son of a powerful Democratic politician. Money grows on trees, there are no rules, and the press will always cover for you if it benefits the political left.”

He concluded the piece with a hilariously worded call-back to Ridley Scott’s 2000 film Gladiator: “To quote the great Marcus Aurelius from The Gladiator, ‘Your faults as a son are my failures as a father.’ I owe all of my work ethic, character, integrity, and moral fiber to my father. Hunter Biden can say the same.”

It is unclear if the Trump child actually knows that Marcus Aurelius existed in real life and was not solely a Ridley Scott creation, but it gave media figures on Twitter plenty of ammo for snarky tweets.

Check out a few of the media reactions to Eric Trump’s op-ed below:

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