Ex-Fox News Reporter: Trump’s Tweets Blasting Fox Are ‘Challenging the Sean Hannitys… to Beat Up on the Journalists’

Former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron told CNN that President Donald Trump’s attack on Fox today was a challenge for Fox News’ “Sean Hannitys to beat up on the journalists.”

Cameron, Fox’s former chief political correspondent, told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin that Trump is upset with the news side of Fox News, saying “what he really means is, I need to have more opinion people who will espouse my opinion.”

“His clash came as part of the news department at Fox News Channel,” Cameron said. “They were simply talking to Democrats. Because, by the way, Democrats are part of the election that’s coming next year, so it’s a good idea to talk to their candidates and party leaders.”

“Trump is basically challenging the Sean Hannitys of Fox News to beat up on the journalists. That’s not going to work either,” Cameron said.

Baldwin mentioned how Trump said “Fox isn’t working for us!” and asked if that indicated he viewed Fox News programs as “an arm of his own administration.”

“Is that Trump sort of indirectly acknowledging that he thought Fox was an arm of the Republican Party or even an arm of his own administration?” Baldwin asked.

“That’s the kind of thing that makes the news department at Fox News, where I worked for a number of years, sick to their stomachs,” Cameron said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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