Former AG Eric Holder: If Trump Went on Trial After Leaving Office, ‘There Would Be a Potential Cost to the Nation’


Former Attorney General Eric Holder said he thinks if President Donald Trump were to go on trial after leaving office, “there would be a potential cost to the nation.”

Holder was speaking with CNN’s David Axelrod on The Axe Files. Both Axelrod and Holder served in the Barack Obama administration.

The topic came up after Axelrod asked Holder “if there is no impeachment [of Trump], do you believe that he is subject to prosecution after he leaves office?”

Holder answered by saying there is already an indictment in the Southern District of New York, referring to the Michael Cohen case. “Individual One is the president and it would seem to me that the next attorney general, the next president will have to make the determination.”

Axelrod brought up how President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after Nixon resigned from office.

“He thought it would be bad for the country to go through a trial of a former president,” Axelrod said. “Would there be a cost to that?”

“I think there would be a potential cost to the nation by putting on trial a former president and that would be part of the calculus … I think we should understand what a trial of a former president would do to the nation,” Holder said.

Axelrod noted that Ford pardoning Nixon likely cost him the election.

“It might have, but looking back I tend to think that that was probably the right thing to do,” Holder responded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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