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Former Giuliani DOJ Assistant: I Have ‘No Doubt’ Prosecutor Rudy Would’ve Indicted Based on Mueller Findings

One of the 300+ former federal prosecutors who signed that letter arguing President Donald Trump would be charged with obstruction if he wasn’t the president is a former assistant to Rudy Giuliani.

Jeffrey Harris, Giuliani’s principal assistant years ago at the DOJ, told CNN’s Erin Burnett tonight that the Mueller report shows clear obstruction of justice from the president.

“If you tell a witness to lie, that’s enough. That’s obstruction right there, ” he said.

Former federal prosecutor Jack Weiss said he thinks many currently-serving people in the DOJ would have signed the letter if they were able to.

At one point, Burnett asked Harris about Giuliani and how he would have reacted to the Mueller report.

“What do you think Rudy Giuliani would think of you coming to this conclusion?” she asked. “Do you think in his heart of hearts he agrees with you and now nearly 500 others?”

Harris said this in response:

“I worked with Rudy on a daily basis for nearly five years in a variety of positions. We were prosecutors together. I have absolutely no doubt that that prosecutor Rudy Giuliani would have indicted someone who committed the acts that are put out in the Mueller report in a heartbeat. I am 100 percent confident of that.”

Giuliani actually addressed Harris signing the letter in an earlier statement to Politico on the letter, remarking, “I’m pretty sure that Jeff is a Democrat.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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