Former GOP Sen. John Danforth Expands on his Scathing Op-Ed: If Trump is GOP, The Party is Sunk


Former Republican Senator John Danforth, who recently wrote a scathing op-ed calling President Donald Trump “the most divisive president in our history,” is begging Republicans to disavow the current administration — or else “the party is sunk.”

While appearing on Andrea Mitchell Reports, Danforth voiced his concerns regarding the president’s behavior poisoning the future of the Republican Party:

“The question is whether the public believes that Donald Trump is the Republican Party, and he’s not… I don’t have any intention of leaving the Republican Party. I’ve always been a republican, I believe in the party. I think we need a reasonable, good strong conservative political party in our country… but we have to disassociate from Donald Trump. If the public gets the idea that Donald Trump is the Republican Party, we’re sunk.”

Earlier in the segment, Danforth claimed that Trump is not loyal to the Republican Party, saying that the president is even “fundamentally opposite of what the Republican Party is.”

Regarding Trump’s base of GOP supporters, Danforth warned that his 35 percent of the country will never win an election — which he tied-in to his point that the party is over if Trump and his supporters represent it.

The former long-time Missouri senator and Episcopal priest wrote a Washington Post op-ed yesterday detailing these views against Trump, ultimately writing he feared that the party will lose the unifying history they gained from Abraham Lincoln — the GOP’s first elected candidate.

Watch the clip above via MSNBC.

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