Former US Attorney Joyce Vance Slaps Down Trump Claim He Can Do Whatever He Wants: ‘His Power is Not Limitless’

MSNBC contributor Joyce Vance slapped down President Donald Trump’s invocation of the Constitution to say he has broad power, with Vance contending the president’s power “is not limitless.”

The former U.S. Attorney was appearing on Weekends with Alex Witt Sunday afternoon, where she was asked a host of questions by anchor Frances Rivera–including a question about Trump invoking Article 2 of the Constitution, saying it “allows me to do whatever I want.”

“Is he wrong here?” Rivera asked. “Would you know any other lawyers or counsel who would see it in that way that he does?”

“The president is not a constitutional scholar and his interpretation of article 2 is flawed,” Vance said. “Even his Attorney General, William Barr, wouldn’t go so far as the president seems to go saying he can do anything he wants to do.”

“The reality is that there are actions that a president could take that would violate the law,” Vance continued.

“His power is not limitless and he is accountable under the Constitution to both the executive branch and the courts and ultimately to the voters,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC

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