Fox Business Host Stuart Varney Admits US Economy ‘Suffering’ from Trump’s Trade War With China

Fox Business host Stuart Varney conceded that the United States economy is beginning to feel the negative impacts of President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

“Sunday we imposed extra tariffs on Chinese goods,” Varney told Fox & Friends Wednesday morning. “The Chinese immediately turned around and said ‘right we are doing the same thing.’ President Trump was very angry about this and he is holding his hard line.”

“This is a problem because our economy is suffering to some degree from the China trade dispute,” he continued. “Manufacturing is slowing down. Job growth is slowing down. And it is the direct result of the trade dispute.”

Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy suggested Trump should make a “skinny” trade deal.

“A skinny trade deal, maybe that’s what is required here. I don’t know whether the president will do that. If he did that, the market would go up, the economy would recover a little bit,” Varney said.

Host Ainsley Earhardt questioned why China didn’t want to make a deal with Trump.

“They depend on us more than we depend on them. Why wouldn’t they broker a deal?” she asked.

“Because they don’t care. They’re not a democracy,” Varney said. “There is no opposition party to say ‘hold on a minute we don’t like what you are doing.’ None of that. This is a communist dictatorship.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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