Fox & Friends: Jay Z is ‘Complaining About White Privilege’ But ‘We Had a Black President’


Fox & Friends was back at it again with identity politics coverage Friday morning, holding a segment in which hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy remained baffled by Jay Z’s recent comments about the privilege of white men.

Rapper Jay Z is set to appear on an upcoming episode of David Letterman’s Netflix interview show, and claimed in a preview clip that President Donald Trump is “bringing out an ugly side of America that we wanted to believe was gone, and it’s still here, and we still gotta deal with it.”

“We need to have a tough conversation, we have to talk about the N-word, we have to talk about why white men are so privileged in this country,” Jay Z said.

Doocy kicked the segment off, asking his guest: “As a celebrity worth close to a billion dollars, according to Forbes, is he the right person to be talking about wealth and privilege?” (I guess Fox News’s multi-millionaire primetime lineup can’t talk about wealth and privilege anymore, those are now the rules, thanks Steve.)

Fox & Friends guest Christopher Harris argued that “the left is promoting” Jay Z, who himself “continues to promote a message of divisiveness.”

Harris continued to argue that the left is “using” Jay Z “like a hypnotist uses the spinning wheel or something like that to get your attention off of other things.”

Later in the interview, Earhardt asked if the former administration did a better job than President Donald Trump on race relations.

“Because Jay-Z’s complaining about white privilege, but we had a black president for eight years,” she said. “Did he do a good job?”

Harris made the case that race relations are swell, because there was “a huge backlash” when President Teddy Roosevelt invited Booker T Washington to the White House, but “no one said a word” when it came out President Barack Obama and Jay Z are “text buddies.”

Watch the inanity above, via Fox News.

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