Fox News Co-Hosts Knock Trump: You Can Bash Biden, ‘You Don’t Have to Side With Kim Jong Un’

On Fox News’ Outnumbered today, President Donald Trump got some criticism for touting Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s insult of Joe Biden.

The co-hosts first got into it on the 1994 crime bill Trump brought up to slam Biden over yesterday, whether it will have an impact on the former veep’s chances, and––as Ari Fleischer put it––whether Biden will be apologizing for many of the things he did

At one point, Melissa Francis brought up the fact that Trump was taking shots at Biden overseas and “seemingly siding with a dictator.”

She brought up how Republican congressman Adam Kinzinger called out Trump over it. Both Francis and Harris Faulkner noted the unspoken rule about leaving politics at the water’s edge.

Fleischer said he finds that idea “naively cute,” arguing that if this rule was really practiced anymore, “the Democrats are the biggest abusers of it.”

Jessica Tarlov brought up what Trump said abroad, including “diminishing what North Korea has done.”

“So you don’t object to the overseas,” Fleischer said, “you object to the Kim line. And I don’t disagree with that.”

They got into it for a bit before Katie Pavlich jumped in and said Biden’s record shows there’s “a lot to go after… when it comes to foreign policy” and “you don’t have to side with Kim Jong Un to make that point.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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