Fox News Guest: There Are Pro-Trump Voices Encouraging Republicans to Boycott Georgia Senate Runoff

National Journal politics editor Josh Kraushaar said there are “hardline voices” in the Republican Party who are discouraging supporters of President Donald Trump from voting in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections — which are set to determine control of the Senate.

“Runoffs are all about turnout, and Donald Trump is the best turnout machine for Republicans,” Kraushaar noted on Fox News Friday, as the president prepares to travel to Georgia on Saturday to rally for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. Both Republicans are facing Democratic challengers in a runoff this January.

“The challenge is what he’s going to say,” Kraushaar said, noting Trump could push “unfounded allegations of voter fraud” instead of boosting the two Republican senators. “Is he going to divide the Republican Party by making that argument?” Kraushaar asked.

While Kraushaar noted that Georgia is fertile ground for Republican success, the party could run into problems if the base is discouraged by the false claim that American elections are rigged.

“Are the fears overblown that Republicans would stay home just because President Trump says the election was stolen from him?” Fox News anchor Jon Scott asked.

“There are some pretty hardline voices in the Republican Party that are trying to encourage Republicans not to turn out, or to vote for Trump on the ballot instead of the two Republican senators,” Kraushaar said.

“There are a lot of reasons why Republicans should be favored to hold this big Senate race in Georgia. The only way they lose it is if the party is divided. If these conspiracy theories allow themselves to metastasize and really divide the party in the run-up to that big January election,” he added.

A number of prominent Trump supporters on social media platforms like Twitter and Parler have called for Republicans to boycott the Georgia runoff elections if the president’s claims of voter fraud are not taken seriously. Lin Wood, a QAnon conspiracy theorist who is leading pro-Trump legal challenges int he state, tweeted last week that “I will NOT vote in GA runoff” if those false allegations of widespread fraud were not resolved by the state’s Republican leadership.

It remains to be seen how serious those threats are.

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