comScore Melissa Francis to GOP Tariff Critics: 'Jump Off A Cliff'

Fox News’ Melissa Francis: Republicans Who Question Trump’s Tariffs ‘Should Go Jump Off A Cliff’

Fox News’ Melissa Francis shot back at GOP critics of President Donald Trump’s plan to impose tariffs on Mexico over immigration, saying Republicans who don’t support the tariffs “should go jump off a cliff.”

Francis was speaking on Outnumbered Friday, which devolved into a back-and-forth over Trump’s recently announced plan to impose increasing tariffs on Mexico unless the country does more to restrict immigration in the president’s view.

“This is someone who is incredibly frustrated …  instead, they criticize the actions he is taking rather than taking their own,” Francis said.

“Using trade policy to move immigration policy gets neither done,” Capri Cafaro said

Dagen McDowell followed, noting that a lot of Republican politicians have agreed with that.

One of them was Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who sent out a statement Thursday criticizing Trump’s decision to impose tariffs unilaterally by citing national security issues.

“Yes, those Republicans in Congress should go jump off a cliff. … They’re not offering something else,” Francis responded.

“Between January and August of last year, Mexico deported more Central Americans than the U.S. did,” McDowell said. “Mexico has been helping, and this hurts them when we are trying to get a trade deal together.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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