Fox’s Andrew Napolitano: Supreme Court Ruling on Census a ‘Significant Defeat’ for Trump Administration


Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano said the Supreme Court decision blocking President Donald Trump’s administration from putting a citizenship question on the U.S. Census is a “significant defeat” for Trump.

“But I must tell you, just skimming through this, this is a significant defeat for the Trump Administration,” Napolitano told America’s Newsroom Thursday.

Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, said the administration’s explanation for adding the question “appears to have been contrived.”

“They have decided this is really one of those cases that belongs in the lower courts, but that could take years,” Fox’s Trace Gallagher noted.

“The decision to send this back to the lower court is 9-0. That’s because when new evidence is discovered after the trial court has ruled … they are not in the business of evaluating new evidence,” Napolitano said. “The Supreme Court did the right thing by sending this back to trial court to scrutinize the significance of this newly found evidence.”

Napolitano was referring to newly released files from the computer of a GOP strategist. Opponents of the citizenship question contend that the man’s hard drives contain documents showing he played a previously undisclosed role in drafting the question.

Napolitano said that the case could again reach the Supreme Court again after it goes through the judicial process in the lower courts, but “as you, Trace, or one of you just suggested, that cannot happen before the 2020 census.”

“So this question is off. Who knows if it will ever come back?” Napolitano said.

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