Fox’s Howard Kurtz Turns the Other Cheek After Trump Attacks His Show: President ‘Often Unfairly Maligned’ By Press

Fox News host Howard Kurtz responded diplomatically to President Donald Trump saying MediaBuzz was getting “worse,” arguing Trump is entitled to his opinion.

“I’ve been covering Donald Trump for 35 years, sometimes he’s loved my coverage – as president he’s told me I’m ‘too fair’ – and sometimes he’s ripped my reporting,” Kurtz said. “As Brit Hume and others have pointed out, Fox doesn’t work for the president.”

“He’s certainly entitled to criticize Fox’s news division which is separate from the opinion folks just as he takes shots at other media outlets,” Kurtz continued. “The president, as I frequently point out, is often unfairly maligned by much of the press. I will try every day along with my news colleagues here to keep covering him fairly.”

A week ago, Trump attacked Kurtz’s program as “getting worse!” for covering a Fox News poll that showed Trump trailing a number of his Democratic challengers.

This week, Kurtz was responding to Trump’s attacks on both his show and the network at-large after he proclaimed “Fox isn’t working for us anymore!” earlier this week.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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