French Reporter Asks Trump if He’ll Chill Out on French Wine Tax After Spotting Melania Enjoying a Glass


At the end of his joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, President Donald Trump was asked if he was serious about taxing French wine in response to the country’s tax on digital services.

Throughout the G7 summit, there were questions about Trump would use the economic negotiations to follow through on his threat to tariff wines imported from France. At one point, a member of the French press noted that First Lady Melania Trump was spotted enjoying a glass, so she asked Trump “can you perhaps give up on your threat to put sanctions on French wine?”

“I can confirm that the First Lady loved your French wine,” Trump said. He declined to elaborate on what agreement the U.S. and France have reached regarding the digital tax.

After Macron left the stage, the reporter approached Trump to ask another question, but he waved her away with a laugh. According to Washington Post‘s Josh Dawsey, Trump then pointed at CNN reporter Jim Acosta and said: “she’s worse than you are!”

Watch above, via CNN

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