George Santos’ Lawyer Was Part of the January 6 Pro-Trump Mob

George Santos and Joseph Murray

Credit: Mother Jones/YouTube

Footage from the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol has revealed that in attendance were two associates of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) — his lawyer Joseph Murray and Angela Ng.

David Corn and Jacqueline Sweet of Mother Jones reported that video and photographic evidence put Murray and Ng at the Capitol among the mob, taking pictures of their own, and trespassing on Capitol grounds:

Part of the throng of irate Trump loyalists, Murray and Ng passed downed barricades, entered restricted grounds, and made their way up the steps of the north side of the building. There they watched and Murray filmed, as hundreds of rioters nearby broke doors of the Capitol and poured into the building.

Murray has been Santos’s lawyer throughout the myriad legal troubles and lies that have followed him since he was elected to Congress last November; Ng is Murray’s office manager.

While Mother Jones makes it clear that neither Murray nor Ng are seen committing any violence in any of the footage, former Queens Republican district leader Philip Grillo told the reporters that he saw Murray “leading the charge up the hill. He was urging us on, waving us to follow him.”

The Santos associates were also seen in close vicinity of several people who have been charged for their activities at the Capitol including former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Ryan Kelley, who was charged with four misdemeanors, and a rioter known only as “Insider-#2330” by the group Sedition Hunters, who have been combing through the January 6 footage to identify who was there. They provided some of the footage to Mother Jones.

Santos has refused to say where he was on January 6, 2021, but he was spotted at former President Donald Trump’s speech made earlier that day wearing an allegedly stolen scarf.

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