GOP Congressman at Trump’s Rally Tells CNN the Chant Was ‘Immediate Dagger That Went Through My Heart’


Rep. Mark Walker, a Republican from North Carolina, was present at the controversial rally held by President Donald Trump last week, during which supporters chanted “send her back” as the president attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar. On CNN Monday, Walker said hearing the chant was an “immediate dagger that went through my heart.”

“My wife, Wolf, is a two-time historical black college and university graduate, as a former minister we have worked years in the inner cities,” Walker said. “The minority communities that value or put a little bit of trust and value in what we’re trying to do in Washington, I immediately thought of those folks.”

“I do not want to support in any way, shape or fashion, a phrase that for decades has been represented to hurt people in minority communities,” he added.

When CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer asked Walker about Trump’s continued attacks on the four progressive congresswomen Trump has targeted with racist rhetoric, the North Carolina Republican declined to say whether he thought the lawmakers loved America.

“These were duly elected members of Congress,” Blitzer pressed. “Even if you strongly disagree with them, even if you strongly criticize the words they’re saying, you really can’t question, though, whether or not they love the United States of America?”

“I think it’s very difficult to make that perspective sometimes just based on the language,” Walker said.

The CNN anchor also asked Walker what he would want to see if such a chant broke out again at one of Trump’s rallies, and Walker said he hoped the president “would condemn it immediately.”

Blitzer continued to press Walker — a former baptist minister — on Trump’s rhetoric aimed at the four congresswomen, and concluded the interview by reading scripture.

Watch above, via CNN.

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