Greg Gutfeld Goes Off on CNN for Cutting Away From Trump Rally: ‘You’re Not Allowed to Turn It Off!’

Fox News’ Greg Gutfield blasted CNN for cutting away early from President Donald Trump’s Orlando campaign rally, arguing the network isn’t “allowed” to cut away early.

“Once CNN was criticized they turned it off. You are a news network. You are not allowed to turn it off. We can change the channel, but you are a cable news network,” Gutfield said. “They react emotionally to this. … all that is left you can go after his personality and micro-flaws in Tweets.”

Jesse Watters agreed, saying, “The media did not treat it the way it would treat a normal president in these times. … They didn’t discuss it seriously.”

The Five mainly had praise for Trump’s designated campaign launch Tuesday night, save Juan Williams who called the rally “boring.”

“It seems to me that my experience of it was so disappointing, it was boring,” he said.

“I heard from all of you that Trump’s big advantage is he is such a great entertainer and so different,” Williams said. “People are saying, ‘hey, this is like a rerun. Like a summer rerun.’ I have seen this act before. There was little new in terms of agenda. I didn’t see anything new.”

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