‘He Won’t Even Win Georgia’: GOP Governor Tears into Trump As He Opts Out of 2024 Race


New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu (R) told CNN’s Dana Bash that he will not be running for president in 2024, but he also made it abundantly clear that he believes former president Donald Trump has “no chance” of winning again.

After explaining why he isn’t running for president himself, Sununu bluntly assessed Trump’s chances:

Bash: If he is the nominee, will the Democrats win?

Sununu: Oh, yeah. He can’t win in November of ’24. The math has shown Donald Trump has no chance of winning in November of ’24. He won’t even win Georgia. If you’re a Republican that can’t win Georgia in in November of ’24, you have no shot. And he’s proven that. Not only has he proven that, but the candidates he gets behind in a good, conservative state like Georgia lose the race. His messaging doesn’t translate. It does well with a hardcore 30-35% base, but he loses everybody beyond there. And no one is undecided about the former president. There’s no one out there going, ‘Well, maybe I might consider voting for him…” You know where you are. He’s a known commodity. And so the math doesn’t add up. If Republicans nominate him, then we’re saying a vote for him in the primary is effectively a vote for Joe Biden. I mean, that’s ultimately how the math will play out.

Sununu explained that he didn’t want to enter the crowded GOP primary field — which, as Bash pointed out, will have 12 candidates by the end of this week — because he could better serve his party from his current position. He also called out the hopefuls who were using the race for their own “vanity” to “sell books” or “audition” to be the running mate of the nominee. That nominee, at least as of today, appears to be Trump. But Sununu hopes that if he isn’t there to do it, then one of the other nominees will try to make a name for themselves and future path for the GOP.

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