comScore Hillary Clinton: GOP Must Chose 'Rule of Law or Rule of Trump'

Hillary Clinton: GOP Must Choose ‘The Rule of Law or the Rule of Trump’

Democratic 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was in New Hampshire Wednesday night — where she cautioned the current struggles between Congress and President Donald Trump will show “whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump.”

Speaking at a wide-ranging event held at Dartmouth College, the former U.S. secretary of state under President Barack Obama argued the Trump administration’s recent defiance of subpoenas and claim of executive authority will lead to “big court fights.”

“We’ll see whether it’s the rule of law or the rule of Trump that the Republicans in the Congress and in the courts are going to abide by,” Clinton said.

Clinton also spoke about the U.S intelligence committee’s conclusion that the Russian government attempted to interfere with the outcome of the 2016 election, saying she took it as a badge of honor that she “really annoyed” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We cannot have a strong relationship with Russia for good or ill if we basically allow them to undermine the basic exercise of our democracy,” Clinton said.

“I think Putin has a very clear agenda which is to weaken not only our democracy, but all of the western democracies,” she said.

The event was hosted by Dartmouth’s John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding which focuses on addressing the world’s challenges.

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