His and Hers Twitter Gaffes: Donald and Melania Both Mess Up Pearl Harbor Tweets

Today is a solemn day for America. It’s Pearl Harbor Day, in which we memorialize the brutal attack on the Pearl Harbor military base, which killed 2,403 people and forced us into World War II.

This is a day in which American leaders are expected to give remarks, praising the military and recognizing the grave sacrifices our forefathers made for the good of the country.

Both President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump took to Twitter to pay their respects to the fallen on the 76th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks.

They both kind of screwed the pooch.

First, there’s Donald Trump, who quoted Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous remarks that followed the attack, writing on Twitter “A day that will live in infamy!”

FDR buffs will note that the actual quote is “A date which will live in infamy.”

You know what though? Trump is close enough. He got the gist. The weird part, beyond the slight misquote, is the addition of the exclamation mark. What’s that all about?

FDR certainly did not intone an exclamation mark when he spoke these words. As you can hear above, it sounds more like a comma, or perhaps an em dash.

Next up? Melania Trump. Her well-meaning tweet, which has since been deleted, made one pretty crucial error.

She got the date wrong, suggesting the Pearl Harbor attack occurred on Nov. 7 and not, you know, today.

Two small mistakes, but you know what they say, the couple that mis-tweets together, uh, kisses sweet together? Is there any evidence that these two have ever kissed?

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