Ivanka Trump Sees Trademarks Approved as Brand Looks to Move Into Lingerie Business

U.S. trademark officials have “steadily granted initial approval to a stream of new products” for the Ivanka Trump’s brand, including lingerie, leisurewear and athletic wear, according to Bloomberg.

Ivanka Trump Marks LLC has reportedly filed, and been preliminarily approved for, three requests for trademarking her name on clothing. “That brings to 10 the number of trademarks granted preliminary permission this year, following a nine-month dry spell for the brand,” per Bloomberg‘s reporting.

The report notes that Ivanka, who since taking a position in the White House has sought to disentangle herself from her namesake clothing brand, faces criticism for “walking a fine line between capitalizing on her prominence and maintaining her role as an unpaid senior adviser to President Donald Trump.”

The news of the Ivanka Trump brand’s move into the intimates market comes amidst reports of low wages and abuse in the brand’s factories in Asia. Although Ivanka took a leave of absence from running her brand to take a position in the White House in January, she remains the sole beneficiary of a trust receiving the company’s profits.

During her father’s presidential campaign, as Bloomberg points out, “sales of her goods were up 21 percent,” and profits have only grown since she took a high profile position inside Trump’s administration.

The specter of misconduct has only grown during Trump’s first five months in office, in light of a flurry of reports that the Ivanka Trump brand has secured trademarks in countries as the U.S. conducts official state business with their governments.

As Bloomberg notes, the House Judiciary Committee has taken notice: members “sent a letter questioning Ivanka Trump’s involvement with her brand to Abigail Klem, who is now leading the company. The letter points to the company’s trademark applications overseas, especially in countries like China and the Philippines, whose leaders she has met in her government role.”

In the letter, members write: “We remain concerned that Ivanka Trump may have used and may continue to use her official position within the White House to benefit her private interests.”

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