Jake Tapper Blasts Trump’s Fox Interview on D-Day: He Didn’t ‘Comprehend the Sacred Ground Where He Stood’

CNN’s Jake Tapper slammed President Donald Trump’s decision to attack his political rivals during an interview with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham at the Normandy American Cemetery on Thursday.

In his opening monologue on Thursday’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, the anchor said “more than 9,380 men are buried at Normandy, which today was the site of the ceremony honoring those lost in the fight for freedom.”

“Now you might think that such a day and such a setting would compel an American president … to resist from engaging in petty politics on this day,” Tapper said. “But you’d be wrong.”

“It’s really not that difficult to imagine what the response might be by both the president’s party and his protectors on The Hill and in the media if a Democrat–a Democratic president–had engaged in political attacks like that one on the D-Day anniversary on the grounds of the cemetery,” Tapper said.

“Now to be fair to President Trump, he did deliver at Normandy remarks that some observers have said were among the best of his presidency,” Tapper said, showing an excerpt of Trump’s speech for the D-Day ceremony.

“The question, of course, is whether the president undermined any of those sentiments by minutes later seeming to not fully comprehend the sacred ground on which he stood,” Tapper concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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