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Jake Tapper: Is Hunter Biden’s Resignation from Chinese Firm ‘Tacit Acknowledgement’ of Troubling Optics?

CNN’s Jake Tapper wondered on Sunday if the news about Joe Biden’s son is a “tacit acknowledgement” that Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings are a complication for his father’s presidential ambitions.

During his interview with Pete Buttigieg, Tapper brought up the news that Hunter Biden is preparing to step down from a Chinese private equity board and promising that he won’t do any more work with foreign companies during his father’s possible 2020 administration. Tapper noted how President Donald Trump and his allies have repeatedly tried to weaponize Hunter’s foreign business activities, even as the CNN host also noted the lies pushed by Trumpworld to deflect from the Ukraine scandal.

“Is that not a tacit acknowledgement from Hunter Biden – if not the Biden campaign – there was at least an appearance of a conflict of interest issue here that was valid?” Tapper asked Buttigieg regarding the news.

Buttigieg answered that Hunter made his decision “just to make sure there is not even the appearance of a conflict of interest, while in the White House, the President of the United States is a walking conflict of interest.” Buttigieg pointed to the foreign business dealings of Trump’s children, mocking them for “pretending like the fact that their father is the president of the United States has no impact on the international business dealings that they do.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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