Jesse Watters Grills Anthony Scaramucci on Turn Against Trump: ‘Can’t Believe They Let Me Back in the Building!’


Fox News host Jesse Watters grilled Anthony Scaramucci in an often-heated but still-friendly interview, with Scaramucci first expressing shock that Fox let him back in the building.

“I can’t believe I was let back in the building,” Scaramucci told Watters at the beginning of the interview. Watters then asked if Scaramucci was disappointed that Sean Spicer got on Dancing With the Stars instead of him.

Then the interview began in earnest, with Watters saying “you are saying you may vote for a Democrat in 2020.”

Scaramucci disputed that and said it was the work of “Republican operatives.”

“I don’t like answering hypotheticals,” Scaramucci said. “[Trump’s] no longer suitable to be president. He’s acting completely nuts. And he’s very unstable.”

He then insisted he did not “turn” on Trump until Trump attacked his wife after Scaramucci criticized Trump on Bill Maher’s show.

Throughout the interview, it was difficult to make out what was being said as Scaramucci and Watters frequently talked over each other.

Scaramucci also jokingly warned Watters that he was also a member of the press and could be easily labeled an “enemy of the people” if he stepped out of line with Trump.

“If you are 9-12ths  for the guy and not 13-12ths for the guy, he’s going to turn on you,” Scaramucci said.

Watters countered, saying “do you realize you are getting used by the media, by CNN and MSNBC? Do you realize when they have you on to bash the president. Because the media hates you, but now they love you because you are hitting the president.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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