Joe Scarborough: Half of America, Melania Trump Cried Night Trump was Elected President

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough empathized with President Donald Trump’s assistant Madeleine Westerhout for reportedly crying on election night, saying “half of America” and Melania Trump cried too.

Westerhout was reportedly forced out this week for discussing details about Trump’s family with the press in an off-the-record meeting.

“If someone leaks information about a family matter, then they have to be released immediately,” Scarborough said. “Now, on the crying on election night part–being sad because Donald Trump won–I mean, if that kept people out of the White House then Melania wouldn’t be there herself because famously she cried after she learned that Donald Trump had been elected president, as well as did half of America.”

“If you’ve got someone blabbing about your family to reporters, who cried when you were elected you have to wonder why she’s there in the first place and isn’t he right to get rid of her?” Katty Kay asked.

Scarborough was apparently referring to a story from Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury, which stated Melania Trump burst into tears after realizing Trump was going to be president. The White House previously blasted Wolff’s claims as untrue.

The story about Westerhout crying the night of Trump’s election is recounted in Tim Alberta’s book American Carnage: On the Frontlines of the Republican Civil War and the Rise of President Trump.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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