John Oliver Rages Over Trump’s ‘Pathological’ El Paso Visit: ‘Struggles to Do the Bare Minimum of Being a F*cking Person’

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John Oliver was incensed by President Donald Trump‘s visit with victims of the mass shooting in El Paso. And the comic absolutely let Trump have it in a scorching opening monologue.

Calling out the president for a “pathological lack of empathy,” Oliver raged against the commander-in-chief for bragging about rally crowd size during his trip to a hospital in El Paso.

“Look, we all know how much Trump struggles to do the bare minimum of being a president,” Oliver said. “But it’s still genuinely shocking just how much he struggles to do the bare minimum of being a fucking person.”

Oliver then went after the president’s thought process.

“He visited a hospital filled with victims of a mass shooting and thought to himself, ‘Remember that other time when I was the center of attention and it was better?’ And then he thought, ‘Do you think anyone else remembers that?’ Then he thought, ‘I should remind them, right?’ Then he thought, ‘Great idea.’ Then he thought, ‘Thank you.’ Then he thought, ‘Ivanka.’ Then he thought, ‘No time.’ And then he said it. And he was happy with how it sounded.”

The balance of Oliver’s monologue was spent on the issue of guns, and the question of “what action will be taken, if any?” The HBO host noted that the NRA’s current financial struggles — resulting in, among other things, the shuttering of NRA TV — may indicate that the organization does not have as much clout to stop gun reform as they have in the past.

“Obviously, the death of NRA TV is a tragedy,” Oliver said. “Thoughts and prayers to all those affected.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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