Juan Williams Clashes With Fox Co-Hosts Over Trump’s Finances: ‘He Had His Daddy to Bail Him Out!’


Fox News’ The Five opened this afternoon mocking the New York Times report on ten years of President Donald Trump‘s tax information.

Greg Gutfeld said this isn’t news to anyone and suggested, “Here’s an idea. Get the rich kid who owns the Times to turn over his 1040s.”

He laughed at the media coverage of the Times report and said, “They keep stepping on the same rake and getting whacked in the head again and again. As all those anti-Trump headlines keep falling flat.”

Jesse Watters defended Trump’s business record and took a shot at the Times, bringing up when they “lost a billion dollars buying the Boston Globe.”

“He may have lost a lot of money but now he has towers all over the globe,” Watters said. “He’s got great golf courses, and he has the presidency. Pretty good.”

Juan Williams responded, “I think he had his daddy to bail him out. I think his dad gave him 400-plus million to help him out.”

He said it shows just how much Trump “lies to his supporters” in talking about his business acumen for years.

“Let’s just pay attention the fact of the President of the United States may in fact have engaged in tax fraud, bank fraud,” he continued. “These are serious considerations.”

Williams argued that Congress should have access to Trump’s tax returns because if he’s losing so much money and “Russia or some other country decides ‘we can get our hooks into this guy by bailing him out,’ we the American people should know.”

Gutfeld mockingly declared, “The Russians. It’s the Russians!”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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