comScore Ken Vogel Claims GOP Lawyer is Misrepresenting His Reports

Ken Vogel Claims GOP Lawyer is Misrepresenting His Reporting: ‘Trump’s Grudge Against Ukraine was Deeply Personal’

New York Times reporter Ken Vogel pushed back against GOP counsel Steve Castor using his reporting to defend President Donald Trump’s actions that led to his potential impeachment.

During the impeachment hearing, Castor notably cited an article written by Vogel for Politico in 2017 – holding it as proof that Trump was only interested in corruption when he ordered a hold on Ukraine’s aid and cited other reports from Vogel to back this up.

“CASTOR argued that TRUMP had legitimate national security reasons to be concerned about Ukrainian corruption,” Vogel tweeted. “BUT, as we revealed, Trump’s grudge against Ukraine was deeply personal.”

Vogel went on to say that Castor “misrepresented” reporting about Rudy Giuliani, saying his reporting has suggested that Andriy Yermak, an aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, was unclear if Giuliani was representing Trump in his meetings with Trump’s lawyer and that Giuliani did push for investigations of Joe Biden’s family.

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