Lara Trump Mocks Democratic Plans to Combat Climate Change, Complains About Plastic Straw Bans

Appearing on Fox Business, Lara Trump mocked Democratic candidates proposing plans to combat climate change and complained about bans on plastic straws.

“Only $10 trillion?!” Trump said mockingly in reference to a climate change plan proposed by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

Trump was speaking with Charles Payne Friday, who was filling in for Stuart Varney on Varney and Company.

“It’s sort of crazy whenever I continue to hear about all these environmental plans. Right now the United States is in the best environmental shape we have been in almost 40 years since like the ‘70s. And you look at what China is doing when it comes to emissions, India,” she continued.

“Why is it incumbent upon us as the United States to be the only people to do anything about it?” Trump said.

Trump then pivoted to complain about plastic straw bans that have popped up around the United States.

“You know, they banned plastic straws in so many places now. That was there’s a war against plastic straws. When you actually look, when they do these ocean cleanups at what they find, plastic straws are like the fifth most common thing. The most common thing are cigarette butts. Let’s ban smoking, if we are really trying to clean stuff up,” she said.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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