comScore Avenatti Calls for Trump and Other 2020 Candidates to Publish I.Q. Results

Michael Avenatti Calls for Trump and Other 2020 Candidates to Publish I.Q. Results: ‘We Deserve to Know’

On Saturday, Stormy Daniels‘ lawyer Michael Avenatti called for the nation’s presidential candidates to be required to submit to an intelligence test, including Donald Trump.

“Why shouldn’t all presidential candidates have to take the Wonderlic or a similar test and have the results published?” Avenatti tweeted out. “This should be required in 2020 for all (inc Mr. Trump). We deserve to know the intelligence level of the person who wants to be our president (a big factor)!”

The Wonderlic is an intelligence test often used in hiring. According to the test’s website, “Organizations large and small trust our scientifically validated tests to make informed selection decisions.”

Avenatti’s tweet appears to be only a thinly veiled attempt to poke at Trump and one of his favorite boasts, his status as a stable genius.

Trump has repeatedly called his opponents “low IQ” while praising his own intellect.

According to The Washington Post, there may also be a reason why Trump is so reticent to actually make good on his genius IQ boasts, despite calling others out repeatedly as it suits him.

According to WaPo, other presidents appear to have genius IQs, not Trump.

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