Michael Wolff Claims Trump is ‘Functionally a Madman’ in Tense Interview Challenging Book Claims


Author Michael Wolff told NPR that research from his two books on Donald Trump has led him to view the president as a madman hellbent on a “vile and ludicrous” actions completely devoid of reason.

After being asked about how those close to the president view him while on Morning Edition over the weekend, Wolff — who was on to promote his new Trump-world book Siege — said, “They think he is vile and ludicrous.”

“There’s no logic to what he does there’s no way to anticipate what he’s going to do often what he ends up doing defies logic defies everybody’s expectations defies explanation,” he added.

Later in the segment, Wolff said he first thought “there was some rationality” behind Trump’s “madness,” but he now sees the president as wholly irrational, which he argues is more troubling for the U.S. than him ruling like “a right-wing despot and thug.”

“Everything ships from moment to moment and he has no grand intentions here,” he said. “Whatever irrational moment he has a man all might as well be reversed by another irrational moment to come.”

Wolff was also grilled about his controversial sourcing methods, as certain portions of his books on Trump have been scrutinized as hyperbolic or outright false.

“Obviously everything in his book is something that I concluded it is accurate,” Wolff said, adding that he usually relied on two sources for information to include in the book but sometimes only spoke to one source if it was someone he trusted.

Despite focusing the book on the president and his administration, Wolff did not speak to Trump before publishing it — another unorthodox writing move that he also defended by saying Trump “tried to stop the publication” of Fire and Fury.

“So I decided in this instance better not play with fire do you feel,” Wolff said.

Listen above, via NPR.

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