MSNBC Anchor and Guest Ridicule Trump Spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany’s Claims: ‘You Know That’s Crap!’


MSNBC anchor Kendis Gibson hit President Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany for citing polls without commenting on a report about Trump’s loans, as well as for her claims that Trump has had “no business dealings with Russia,” in a heated segment on Sunday.

Gibson was moderating a discussion with McEnany and journalist David Corn over a Saturday New York Times report on Deutsche Bank loans on MSNBC Live.

The article reported that Deutsche Bank staffers recommended that multiple transactions involving legal entities controlled by Trump and Jared Kushner should be reported to a federal financial-crimes watchdog.

McEnany criticized the article calling the allegations in the article “completely false” and said “this is yet another chapter in the witch hunt against the president turning up nothing.”

Corn immediately hit back at McEnany saying “Please don’t speak for the American people … You speak for the campaign.”

She interjected, citing a poll that “56 percent of the American people say move on from investigating.”

“The White House is refusing and is actually preventing any congressional oversight on Deutsche Bank,” Corn argued. “Members of Congress asked for information to look into this and the White House is suing, Trump is suing to prevent that.”

Gibson followed up, asking McEnany “Kayleigh if everything is on the up-and-up, why continue to sue Deutsche Bank and others?”

McEnany talked again about polling, “Poll after poll says the American people say move on. The Harvard-Harris poll says 56% of the American people say don’t investigate.”

“A lot of polling that we have shows the public doesn’t believe the president on this … versus Robert Mueller,” Gibson said.

“Well, every single poll says do you want Congress to legislate or investigate? The answer is legislate,” McEnany said. “People are tired of this investigation.”

The back and forth was increasingly contentious, but really came to a head when Corn said to McEnany, “how about this, will you ask the president next time you see him why he lied to the American public during the campaign when he said he nothing to do with Russia while he was negotiating secretly and even involving Putin’s own office?”

“He has no business dealings in Russia. He has no business dealings in Russia,” said McEnany.

“You know that’s crap because he has a letter of intent that he signed, you’re not telling the truth here!” said Corn.

“He has no business dealings in Russia, said McEnany again. “Point me to one tangible product that is in Russia!”

“Come on!” objected Corn.

The flabbergasted Gibson said there should be “no re-litigating things that have already been reported and said many, many times. We have had confirmation that he was trying to do some stuff with Russia over the years. The Trump Tower being just the least of it.”

“None of that panned out,” said McEnany.

“Oh just because you’re a failure at, means you have business dealings with the country?” said Gibson.

“He said he nothing to do with Russia!” said Corn.

“You guys are going to keep going down the Russia road, you’re going to go down the Russia road, no collusion, you’re doing so at the peril of your own party, Dave,” said McEnany.

“I don’t have a party,” Corn objected.

“Oh it’s pretty clear you have a party,” said McEnany.

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