MSNBC Anchor Holds Up Printouts of Trump Tweets on Shootings: Do We Need More Than ‘God Bless You’?

MSNBC anchor Kendis Gibson printed out President Donald Trump’s various tweets following mass shootings, pointing out on air that they all essentially say the same thing.

Gibson was speaking with Kelly O’Donnell, who was reporting from Trump’s golf course in New Jersey where the president has remained all weekend.

O’Donnell said “in these moments where there is a national tragedy … the president can add to that by providing resources and put forth a message if he chooses to.”

“That really is the key, ‘if he chooses to,'” Gibson said.

“Couldn’t help but notice all the other statements that he’s mentioned,” Gibson told co-anchor Chris Jansing. “After Thousand Oaks, ‘God bless all the victims,’ Sutherland Springs, ‘May God be with the people’ Parkland, ‘prayers and condolences’ as well as Las Vegas ‘God bless you.'”

“I get the theme … people over the years are saying we need more than just ‘God bless you’ and prayers and thoughts,” Gibson said.

“Thoughts, prayer, concern, Kendis, but then what?” Jansing asked.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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