MSNBC Panel Denounces Trump’s Attacks on Congress Members: ‘He’s Just an Old Racist’

A panel on MSNBC’s Up with David Gura discussed President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on Democratic politicians of color, with one saying “he’s just an old racist.”

Gura led off the discussion Sunday morning by reading a quote from a former Trump advisor in a Washington Post story.

“‘Usually, when they are faced with charges of racism, Republicans hide. And the president is not hiding and that’s what the Republican voters like about him,'” Gura said, reading off a quote and asking for his panel’s reaction.

Attorney A. Scott Bolden said, “That’s the most dangerous realization I’ve heard.”

“The GOP is afraid, if they stand up, morally stand up, they may not be re-elected. Think about that conceptually. Think about that politically,” Bolden said.

New York Magazine correspondent Gabe Debenedetti attacked pundits who think of this as part of a “grand strategy.”

“There’s a lot of talk about how this is a grand strategy,” he said. “It’s not actually clear that this is going to work in 2020.”

Business Insider correspondent Linette Lopez said “This is just who Donald Trump is. He’s just an old racist. This is how he talks about people.”

“This is not a grand strategy. He’s not playing 4 or 5, 6th-dimensional chess. He’s just an old racist who uses social media,” she said.

“I’m sure there’s a huge part, some place in President Trump’s brain, that he is happy we’re having this conversation that he set us up to have,” Gura noted.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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