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MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Stresses Russian Interference: ‘Shameful’ that GOP Tried to Undermine Investigation

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell called it “shameful” that Republicans were focused on undermining Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, saying there should be more of a focus on Russian interference.

She was appearing on Meet the Press Daily with Chuck Todd following Mueller’s testimony Wednesday.

Todd asked, “today was a moment. Is it a moment that leads to something bigger or is today going to be an epilogue on the Mueller report?

“It’s an epilogue,” Mitchell responded. “I think that’s very sad not for the reasons that some of the partisans might think. I think the issue of Russia’s attack on our election is not getting enough traction.”

“But it’s shameful, shameful that Republicans were so focused on trying to undermine the origins of the investigation that they did not deal with the fact that has been concluded by all of the intelligence agencies under Obama and of course the professionals,” Mitchell said.

“So these are not people of a different political party. And the career intelligence agencies all concluding as did our allies in the U.K. and elsewhere that Russia attacked our elections and that it had to be investigated,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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