MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Calls Out Trump, Asks if POTUS is Letting Bolton Call the Shots on Iran: ‘Who Works For Whom?’


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called out President Donald Trump for the dangerously mixed messages he and his White House National Security Adviser John Bolton are sending about the administration’s Iran policy, asking: “Who works for whom?”

In a segment on his show titled “Bolton’s War,” the MSNBC host contrasted Trump’s stubbornly vague and confusing statements about taking potential military action against Iran versus Bolton’s unequivocal, hard-line stance for regime change. Hayes played a clip of a reporter shouting a question about whether the US will be going to war with Iran, to which Trump merely replied: “I hope not” after a moment or two of silence.

“Who, me? I don’t know.” Hayes commented, mocking Trump’s ambiguous response. “When the president was asked about this drumbeat for war emanating from his administration with Iran, it was as if they were asking the wrong guy.”

Hayes went on to point to a growing number of news stories that depict Trump as frustrated with or disconnected from his own administration’s increasingly bellicose tone toward Iran, which increasingly appears to being driven by Bolton, a long-time hawk who has publicly advocated for bombing the country in the past.

Citing a New York Times story from earlier Thursday — entitled “Trump Tells Pentagon Chief He Does Not Want War With Iran” — the MSNBC host read a snippet from the article on air: “Mr. Trump is less frustrated over the handling of Iran…than over the evolving narrative that his national security adviser is leading the policy, according to three officials.”

“If that’s the case, lead the policy and make declarations that are more definitive than this stuff coming out of your White House,” Hayes said. That Times story follows an earlier Washington Post piece — titled “Trump, frustrated by advisers, is not convinced the time is right to attack Iran” — from Wednesday that hit the same themes of discord between Trump and Bolton on the administration’s Iran policy.

Hayes, warning that the US looks to be repeating the same mistakes from 17 years ago during the run-up to the disastrous invasion of Iraq, concluded: “The President of the United States is apparently a bystander watching his own administration marching towards the gravest foreign policy disaster in a generation.”

Watch video above, via MSNBC.

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