Nancy Pelosi on Impeachment Inquiry: ‘The Stronger Our Case Is, the Worse the Senate Will Look’

During a press conference shortly after the close of Robert Mueller’s much-touted testimony in front of the House Committees, Rep. Nancy Pelosi

During the Q&A, CNN’s Manu Raju said that “you all along said there is no point in moving forward with an impeachment inquiry because Republicans controlled the Senate.”

Raju then added: “It’s going to die in the Senate. Is that no longer your feeling?”

In response, Pelosi insisted she never said that.

“I have never long said that. I have never long said that,” Pelosi protested. “If we have a case for impeachment, that’s the place we will have to go. The fact that I would like it to be a strong case is because it’s based on the facts, the facts, and the law.”

She then added: “But the stronger our case is, the worse the Senate will look for just letting the president off the hook.”

She further noted that she would not let obstruction prevent them from going forward and they want the “strongest possible” case.

“If it comes to a point where the cone of silence and the obstruction of justice and the cover-up in the White House prevents us from getting that information, that will not prevent us from going forward,” the House Speaker insisted. In fact, it’s even more grounds to go forward.”

Watch above, via CNN

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