Napolitano Dismisses Michael Cohen Testimony: Just ‘Stealing a Headline from Vietnam’


Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano dismissed the recent testimony of President Donald Trump‘s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen, as fodder meant to distract from Trump’s North Korea summit. The senior judicial analyst said Trump’s former lawyer is only testifying in front of Congress this week in order to “try to ruin the President’s trip to Vietnam.”

“This is not a courtroom where you put a witness on the stand and corroborate them. This is a political gathering. They don’t care about corroboration,” Napolitano told a Fox & Friends panel Tuesday morning, concluding Cohen and those involved in the Mueller investigation are simply focused on “stealing a headline from Vietnam. From the President’s behavior in Vietnam.”

Cohen is testifying in a series of hearings on Capitol Hill this week; today in private, and tomorrow in public. This is the first time Cohen appears before Congress since being charged for lying to the Senate and House Intel Committees in 2017.

Napolitano said none of Trump’s critics in the mainstream media or in Washington care about Cohen’s testimony; this is all just a ploy to keep eyes on the Mueller investigation and distract from Trump’s progress with North Korea, he asserted.

“No prosecutor would put Michael Cohen on the stand,” he said. “No lawyer, prosecutor or defense counsel would put Michael Cohen on the stand and assert that he is credible without a mountain of corroborating evidence to support him. Are we going to get that? Probably not. This is not a legal hearing.”

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