On NRA Stage, Trump Signs Notice to Congress to Halt Ratification of U.N. Arms Trade Treaty


President Donald Trump spoke to the NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis on Friday, and as part of the show he brought and signed an order to Congress regarding a United Nations arms treaty previously signed by former President Barack Obama. “The United Nations will soon receive a formal notice that the America is rejecting this treaty,” he told the crowd to resounding cheers.

The 2014 Arms Trade Treaty is a U.N. initiative signed onto by multiple nations, including the United States, with the intent of regulating international trade and sales of conventional and personal weapons. Many U.S. states objected to parts of the treaty on a variety of grounds, including national sovereignty, which Trump brought up as he made what he characterized as a surprise announcement.

“Today I’m proud to announce another historic step to protect your Second Amendment rights,” he said, noting that he hadn’t told the NRA in advance what he was about to do. “I didn’t even tell ’em about it. So they’re listening in this big room and they’re saying ‘I wonder what he’s going to do?’ The good thing with me: You never know.”

He brought up the treaty, saying that Obama signed and sent the treaty to congress for ratification in the “waning” days of his administration.

“Under my administration we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone,” said Trump. “We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your second amendment freedom. And that is why my administration will never ratify the U.N. Arms Treaty!”

The crowd was cheering and Trump added, “I hope you’re happy.”

“I’m impressed I didn’t think too many of you would really know what it is,” he continued. “You know what it is? A big, big factor. But I see a couple of very happy faces from the NRA over there.”

“I am officially announcing today that the United States will be revoking the effect of America’s signature from this badly misguided treatment. We’re taking our signature back,” Trump said. “The United Nations will soon receive a formal notice that the America is rejecting this treaty.”

He held a document folio up to the crowd as the cheering continued.

“As part of this decision, I will sign right now in front of a lot of witnesses, a lot, that’s a lot of witnesses… a message asking the Senate to discontinue the treaty ratification process, and to return the now-rejected treaty right back to me in the Oval office where I will dispose of it,” said Trump. “By taking these actions, we are reaffirming that American liberty is sacred, and that American citizens live by American laws, not the laws of foreign countries, thank you.”

The crowd cheered, and shouts of “USA! USA!” could be heard as Trump took out a pen and signed the document on the podium. He tossed the pen to the crowd as a final flourish.

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