Pauly Shore, of Bio-Dome, Offers Thoughts on Trump Wanting to Buy Greenland: ‘It’s Green!’


Fox News’ Jesse Watters brought on comedian Pauly Shore to offer his thoughts about current events, including reports that President Donald Trump wanted to buy Greenland.

Shore offered a string of jokes about Greenland, including asserting “that’s where all the cannabis is going to be” during his appearance on Watters’ World Saturday.

“No the reason why he’s purchasing because it’s green that’s where all the cannabis is going to be — and he’s smart it’s actually a good purchase,” he said.

Shore also called Watters “low energy.”

“You’re like low energy Joe [Biden] but for a reporter,” Shore told Watters.

Shore then went off on a tangent about how if Trump got impeached, he could possibly flee to Greenland.

“If Donald Trump gets impeached which he’s not going to because he’s one of the — best presidents in the whole world … if he does get impeached it’ll be what do you call it a sanctuary island,” Shore said.

He also included a dig at CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

“Sleepy Joe is not Sleepy Joe anymore because he took the stuff Chris Cuomo took and he’s actually Fredo Joe now, he’s more on top of it,” he continued.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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