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Pelosi Scolds Trump Over Mexico Deal: ‘Temper Tantrums are No Way to Negotiate’

Nancy Pelosi scolds Trump;

Rep. Nancy Pelosi reacted to President Donald Trump‘s border immigration deal with Mexico by scolding the president for using threats and temper tantrums as a negotiation tactic.

“We are deeply disappointed by the Administration’s expansion of its failed Remain-in-Mexico policy, which violates the rights of asylum seekers under U.S. law and fails to address the root causes of Central American migration,” Pelosi’s statement read. “Threats and temper tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy.”

It is not the first time Pelosi has accused Trump of throwing a hissy fit.

Just last month, Pelosi said she was praying for the president after she accused him of throwing a temper tantrum during a meeting on infrastructure.

“This time, another temper tantrum — again — I pray for the president of the United States,” Pelosi said back then. “I wish that his family or his administration and staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

The president also had some thoughts for Pelosi on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter, Trump lashed out at Pelosi in a tweet that was part of a lengthy Twitter defense of the deal.

He has also called her “Nervous Nancy” and a “disaster” before.

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