Relative of Victim in Dayton Shooting Tells Trump to Come to the City: ‘You Need to Be Here Now’

A relative of two of the people killed in the mass shooting in Dayton directly challenged President Donald Trump to come to the city.

“I’m shouting out to the president of the United States. I want this to go viral. Make sure this is on every news station. My cousins did not deserve to lose their life. All they were doing is enjoying a night on the town and they’re dead,” Damon Davenport told CNN.

“I want the president to hear this. Donald Trump, I want you to hear this. You need to be here right now. You need to,” he said.

Davenport also used his interview on CNN to call for gun control.

“You know, we have gun laws, people can just go and buy guns and not even be registered or not even qualify. They can just walk into a gun store and buy high-powered equipment and walk right now and kill people in broad daylight, broad nighttime. This has got to stop,” he said.

CNN correspondent Ryan Young told Wolf Blitzer that Davenport lost two family members in the shooting.

“Firefighters were using a hose to cleanse the street of all the blood that was out here,” Young reported. “This is really hitting this community hard and the police chief says they’re trying to get all the information they can about this investigation.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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