Rep. Jamie Raskin Accuses Trump of Trying to Hijack Control of Post Office to Meddle With Voting: He Doesn’t Want ‘A Real Election’


Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) warned SiriusXM radio host Dean Obeidallah that President Donald Trump is looking to gain more control over the Post Office in order to meddle with mail-in ballots and interfere with the 2020 election.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that The Treasury Department is considering imposing “tough terms” on Congress’ emergency coronavirus loan in order to take control of the U.S. Postal Service and change they do business.

Raskin told Obeidallah on Friday that the Republican party doesn’t “want to have a real election” and is trying to “interfere with the vote” because they recognize that American citizens have begun to reject Trump, which further explains a desire to control the Post Office.

“We are going to be depending on the Post Office to deliver people their ballots and then have them return their ballots through the mail,” Raskins said. “It’s another reason not for just Donald Trump but the whole Republican party to hate the Post Office.”

Raskin also claimed that Republicans take issue with the Post Office because it is public and because of its historical decision to employ women and minorities before others, deeming the service as one that prefers “non-white” people.

Raskin added that there is also a micro-story behind Trump’s issues with the Post Office, and explained that part of his hatred for the management of their service is based on his relationship with “arch-enemy” Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and The Washington Post. According to Raskin, Trump believes that the Post Office does not charge Amazon enough money for delivering their packages.

Listen above, via The Dean Obdeidallah Show. 

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