Rep. Justin Amash Criticizes Dem Questioning of Turley: ‘Need to Persuade People in the Middle’


Independent Rep. Justin Amash, who supports impeaching President Donald Trump, said the Democrats made a number of strategic errors in questioning Jonathan Turley on Thursday.

Amash, who left the GOP over impeachment, detailed his concerns in a Twitter thread Thursday, noting “Turley said Trump’s call was ‘anything but perfect.’ Why didn’t Democrats ask him to expound on this?”

“Democrats made a strategic error in not engaging more with Turley. They need to persuade people in the middle,” Amash said, saying Democratic lawmakers made a mistake not drilling into Turley.

Turley, a professor at George Washington University Law School, was the GOP witness in the House Judiciary hearing on impeachment yesterday. The witnesses were called for constitutional expertise and were not fact witnesses.

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