Rep. Steve Cohen on AG Barr’s Handling of Mueller Report: ‘Opposite of a Saturday Night Massacre’


Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has joined a cavalcade of Democratic congressional members condemning the news of how Attorney General William Barr plans to hold a press conference Thursday morning at 9:30, then deliver the redacted version of the highly anticipated Mueller Report to Congress at 11.

Cohen opened by lacing into President Donald Trump‘s appointment of Barr as AG to replace beleaguered Jeff Sessions, claiming that Barr was placed in the highest office in DOJ “to protect himself from the truth, the truth that the American people paid for, that Bob Mueller and his team have come up with and ferreted out with two years worth of investigations.”

The Mueller Report was delivered to Congress three weeks ago, and since then AG Barr has released a four-page letter that summarized the nearly 400-page report in a manner that was most glowing for the Trump administration. His team has also reportedly shared key findings of the report with the White House staff in advance of sharing with the American public.

Cohen then compared Barr’s actions to the “opposite of a Saturday night massacre” referencing Nixon’s ostensible attempt to derail the DOJ’s investigation of the Watergate break-in and following cover-up that led to a bipartisan political process that resulted in Nixon’s resignation.

“This is the opposite of a Saturday night massacre when then knowable public officials stood up to a corrupt president to support and protect the law of justice,” Cohen proclaimed, adding “Today we have men who are standing for the president to obstruct justice. It is just the opposite of a Saturday night massacre.”

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