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Republican Congressman: Everyone Knows Trump Has Always Cared Deeply About Corruption in Ukraine

To hear one congressman tell it, President Donald Trump is a longstanding crusader against corruption in Ukraine – and everyone knows it.

In a fiery speech during Thursday’s House impeachment debate, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) sought to refute comments from several of his colleagues across the aisle that the president had never shown any interest in fighting broader corruption in Ukraine.

“Of course that’s absurd,” Johnson said of the Democratic argument. “Everybody at home knows this. The president has been talking about foreign governments, and foreign corruption and the misuse of American taxpayer treasure since before he ran for president. He tweets about this all the time. Everybody knows this. It’s just one of things that’s just well understood.”

The notion that Trump was only interested in Ukraine investigating former Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t hold water, as far as Johnson is concerned. No, the Louisiana congressman believes Trump is merely trying to root out corruption wherever it exists.

“Every witness in the record — every witness testified that President Trump was concerned about corruption with foreign governments!” Johnson said. “That includes Ukraine!

Watch above, via Fox News.

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