Retired Gen. McChrystal: Trump’s Attacks on Veterans ‘Deeply Disturbing’, Caravan Rhetoric Has ‘Inflamed’

Stanley McChrystal, a retired Army general known for leading U.S. operations in Afghanistan, called out President Donald Trump for disrespecting the military, telling ABC News that the president’s criticism of veterans is “deeply disturbing.”

“His discussions on Bill McRaven, as well as his previous discussions on John McCain and others have been something that’s deeply disturbing to a lot of thoughtful people,” McChrystal said, during an appearance on ABC’s Powerhouse Politics podcast released today. “The fact that he would take on people in this vitriolic manner, I think is pretty upsetting to people.”

Trump recently attacked retired Navy Admiral Bill McRaven, who orchestrated the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, as a “Hillary Clinton fan” who supposedly took too long to find and take down the Al-Qaeda leader.

“And the fact that he would be dismissive of the kinds of service that people like John McCain and others have given is also disturbing,” McChrystal added. “I don’t think it builds up the kind of trust that military people depend upon.”

As for the news of the day, the retired military leader told ABC’s Rick Klein and Jonathan Karl that the Trump administration “used images and mental images” to “convince a lot of the American people that we have an invasion of our southern border.”

“I think we have inflamed this in a way that is not helpful, and so I think that is a manipulation that I’m not comfortable with,” McChrystal said.

The former general appeared on the podcast to promote his new book, Leaders: Myth and Reality, which focuses on leadership traits of notable historical figures.

On that topic, McChrystal went on to describe Trump’s leadership style:

“Trump, he’s a populist by nature. He communicates to inflame and stimulate thinking and passions and people and that’s not a new thing. We’ve seen that in various leaders around the world. It usually doesn’t end well, whether they are domestic politicians like Joe McCarthy or others who have simplified things and inflamed people. So there’s a cautionary tale in this.”

Listen above, via ABC’s Powerhouse Politics podcast.

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