Rudy Giuliani Says He’s Not Going to the Ukraine


Speaking with Fox News’ Shannon Bream on Friday night, President Donald Trump‘s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said he is not going to the Ukraine after all.

Giuliani told Bream that in order to avoid any political suggestion, “I will step back and just watch it unfold.”

Bream then asked if that meant “no trip on Sunday” and no trip to the Ukraine.

Giuliani said that it did.

Trump’s lawyer then suggested if he went, he would be walking into a “setup.”

“No trip because I believe I was walking into a bunch of people, one of whom already has found to be involved on this, and I think this was a setup. The whole thing, by the way, is a setup. From the very beginning. That is what your gonna find,” Giuliani opined.

He continued on: “It goes back to at least January of 2016 when they decided that they should deal with the Ukraine. You’re also going to find that some of the Steele dossier memorandum was written in the Ukraine. After all, Steele didn’t go to Russia for nine years. How could he have written a memorandum about Russia if he hadn’t been there for nine years?”

Bream then offered up emails and phone calls as a means of getting the dossier written.

“You phone call for intelligence information?” Giuliani then asked, prompting Bream to say she didn’t know because she was not a spy.

Giuliani told the New York Times this week that he was planning to go to the Ukraine to encourage officials to continue two investigations that would benefit Trump. One of those investigations involved Joe Biden‘s son.

His announcement prompted backlash, including one Democratic lawmaker who called for a probe in Giuliani’s trip.

Watch above, via Fox News

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