Scaramucci, Into the Void: Trump is ‘Literally Like Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn’ Had a Baby

Eleven-day White House veteran Anthony Scaramucci has — in recent weeks — used just a scant amount of hyperbole in assessing the performance of his former boss, President Donald Trump. On Thursday, the Mooch ratcheted up the rhetoric just a tad.

Speaking with The Hill TV, the former White House communications director referred to the president as something of a hybrid of two infamous Americans.

“If he starts denunciating me, then he is a full-blown demagogue,” Scaramucci said. “It is literally like Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn got together and had a baby and the baby was Donald J. Trump running the country.”

He added, “I’m sorry. I am not going to accept that as an American who loves the country.”

Scaramucci, of course, has a long history of praising Trump prior to his abrupt 180 in recent weeks – going so far as to write a book lauding him. He’s previously called Trump “a wonderful human being” who’s “doing a great job for the country” — comments highlighted by Trump, who recently tweeted out a video of Scaramucci making those statements.

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