Scaramucci Quotes Wife Commenting on Trump’s Slams: ‘Don’t Really Like Being Tweeted at by @POTUS’


A new player has entered the game.

Anthony Scaramucci responded to the latest barbs President Donald Trump threw at him and his wife … by quoting said wife.

Scaramucci kept his anti-Trump media blitz going on Monday when gave an interview to CNN and said the president’s cabinet is concerned about his well-being.

“The guy’s unstable, everyone inside knows it,” said Scaramucci. He went on to once again implore the Republican Party to reject Trump and find someone else to run for president in 2020.

Trump and his former White House Communications Director have sparred repeatedly over the last few days, and after Scaramucci’s interview was over, Trump got back on Twitter to say The Mooch is the one who’s the “mental wreck.” Trump also flung accusations of White House staff abuse and took shots at the Scaramucci family’s marital problems from back in 2017.

As it were, Scaramucci has noticed his former boss’ latest tweets, and he has a statement from his wife about how they don’t approve of it:

Apparently, they don’t plan to kiss and make up any time soon.

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